About Us

Mission Statement

Our team strives to bring the best UI Art and Engineering products available on the market today, not only by making beautiful user interfaces, but also by applying the latest research in usability to amplify every user's satisfaction.

Our goal, and promise to you, is that we will do everything possible to feel like we are part of your core team. We want to work with you to create a revolutionary gaming experience that the world will enjoy: something that will inspire and awe the gaming community. To achieve this, we become part of your team and help to make the most epic game content the world has yet to see.

Company History

The Design GUIs was born with the realization of a need for specialized artists and engineers in the video game software development market during October of 2016. Over the course of six months, a team was formed, ideas were thrown around, and the business began to blossom. By November, we had brought on our UI Artist (Lee Kramer) and our UI Engineer (Cory Johannes) to mark the beginning of something great.

Since then, and to our current date, we have been acting as a start-up focused on building our brand, bringing on clients, and helping the community grow. If you would like to be part of our success story, we are welcome to your feedback and advice. Feel free to contact us with anything you think may help!


Our team has created a new and innovative service called User interface and experience as a Service (UaaS). UaaS is the main service we provide, but encompasses all of the branches shown below.
User Interface & Experience as a Service
User Interface
User Experience
Software Engineering

User interface & experience as a Service goes beyond the visual aspects of menu creation and focuses on total user experience. This means that we highlight and focus on features such as element placement, text on screen, picture placement, and eye fatigue. Our dedication and focus on user experience gives The Design GUIs an edge over the competition by taking the latest usability research and applying it to our designs.

Community Outreach

As a company we realize how important it is to help the community. Without the online communities today, we wouldn't be here. To help support our communities, we have created a hub where users can have a singular place to host game engine tutorials!

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Special Thanks

We would like to give a shout out to the members who have helped our team grow and get where we are today. Thank you to our board members who have given us the great advice to be where we are today. Thank you to our team who have worked the long, hard hours start ups need to be successful. Thank you to our friends and family who helped put food in our bellies and entertained us for free! Finally, thank you to everyone else who has made this possible.